The Payroll Tax Poker Game: Can We Afford to Lose?

House Republicans have come out in opposition to the bill passed by the Senate that would have extended the Payroll Tax break.

On January 1st, 2012 the current tax break will expire and taxes on 160 million working class people will increase. President Obama has called on leaders from both the House and Senate to extend this tax break in an effort to continue the mediocre recovery our economy is claimed to be making; however, the Senate could only pass a 2 month extension and House Republicans attached the controversial Key Stone XL pipeline to a bill that passed.

The President made an appearance at the daily press conference and called out Speaker Boehner (R, Ohio) to vote on the Senate bill which passed 89-10. He called the Speaker to “put politics aside.” Boehner, supported by a multitude of Republicans responded with a press conference of their own to defend their actions. Boehner called on President Obama to “help out”.

The House has moved to reconcile the Senate’s bill by calling a conference to negotiate with Senate Democrats. However, Senator Harry Reid (D, Nevada) has stated that he will “sit out the hearings” and Senate Democrats have left Washinton.

If these two sides cannot stop the obvious politics as usual games, the American people will be harmed yet again. We cannot have people in power who play games with people’s money for personal political gain. Both sides of the aisle are to blame in this instance. This should be an obvious, bipartisan descision if our elected officials were looking out for us. But the are not.

In the next election, send a message. Let’s take back our government and make it work for us. Republicans, Democrats and everyone in between. We work together every day. Let’s show these hacks how it is done. Vote non-establishment in 2012.